About Us

The Company. The Philosophy.

„Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.“
- Henry Ford

The Company

HSG Metalltechnik GmbH is a young enterprise. We develop and produce high quality balance weights which are characterized by easy handling and standardisation to just a few types.

The founder of the company Günter Seeh gained decades of experience with a leading OE supplier in this field. Günter Seeh had the position as technical director. The founding of the company HSG was mainly initialted by a massive re-structuring in the former company and relocation of the production.

The knowledge base of the founder of the HSG Metalltechnik GmbH, the technical competence and innovative power will keep on influencing the development and production processes of these components. This also lead to the development of this in 2010 new developed range of balance weights.See page "Home" for details.

It is our aim, to produce and supply all kind of balance weights,in the best possible quality, reliably ex stock. The expectations of our customers are mirrored in our company philosophy. Our customers know, that we will keep our promises - with our products we see ourselves as a responsible partner in a mutual partnership.

Let us come together and Convince yourself. And let us convince you with our products!


Company Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, that is why we put quality in the center of our philosophy. We ask for use-oriented functionality of our products, reliable materials and intelligent application of the products

Our customers appreciate on our products

    • Small range of balance weights, still enabling the balancing of big range of different rims.
    • Less costs of stock and also
    • Less effort when ordering
    • Easy handling when mounting our products
    • Avoiding waste production when balancing - our weights fit with the first blow!
    • What fits well, saves nerves, anger and time - because
    • Time is money!
    • The ultimate ambition "cost saving" can definitely be met
    • Conclusion: Saving money when purchasing can increase the result of the company, but buying cheap products is a waste of resources and therefore a increase in cost!
    • Quality saves costs!

To our customers we are a reliable partner. This is achieved due to effective action and trendsetting innovations. Sustainable customers satisfaction is our most important goal. Who knows us can be sure that we keep our promises


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