NEW - special mounting groove

Due to the newly developed integrated mounting groove, our weights can be mounted easily and save and adapt ideal mto the rims.
This especially counts for the problematic French-type rims from Renault, Citroen and Peugeot.

You have the problem - we have the solutionbalancing weight solution for french cars

knock on weights for steel rims – universal weightbalance weights

These weights can easily be mounted due to the newly developed integrated mounting groove. The integrated clip is not dtressed needlessly when mounting the weight to the rim and also retains its full clamping force. A specil heat treatment guaranties a constant quality of the clip. The mounting groove enables a universal use on nearly all commercially avaliable rims, even on the rolled type French rims.

Extensive tests have shown, that these weights can also be used on pick-up trucks and light trucks.

Therefore this weight is truly a universal weight for steel rims

knock on weights for alloy rimsbalance weights

The advantage of the mounting groove also counts for these weights and gives them a big universality for alloy rims.

single piece adhesive weightsadhesive weights

These single piece adhesive weights, with back to back joint connected segments offer the best possible solution when balancing with adhesive weights. A pre-formed radius on each segment also assures the biggest possible adherend and therefore a save and lasing bond to the rims. The back to back joints between each segment also enable easy forming of the weight to the desired rim-radius and also a quick and accurate positioning on the wheel. The hight quality adhesive tape guarantees the best possible adhesion under all weather conditions. The protruding liner enables a easy and smooth removal without touching the glued surface. Pre-cleaning of the rim and assuring a greasless surface is a "must" like on all other bonded joints.

adhesive baradhesive weight

These weights can easily be tailored to the desired overall weight (in 5 gramme steps) up to a total weight of 60 gramme. The advantage of the adhesive tape used on the single piece adhesive weights also counts for these weights. Pre-cleaning of the rim and assuring a greasless surface is a "must" like on all other bonded joints.


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